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Jealley 9 days ago

#4 1/2 Bruno's Schnitzel

When my wife and I visit Bruno's, we always start with the goulash soup and the split a Schnitzel and add the potato dumplings. Unless you have a large appetite, half a hummy Schnitzel is more than enough. Great Bavarian food, great service at a moderate price. You can't go wrong at Bruno's!

Mousie E about 1 month ago

Zigeuner Schnitzel

The absolute best every time.

Tylerzemanek about 1 month ago

Jäger Schnitzel

Bruno's is one of my family's favorite restaurants! We have deep German roots and this is the place we go when we are looking for our German fix! Specifically the Jäeger Schnitzel and cucumber salad are the best I've ever had (even in Germany I couldn't find better). I just love this place!

Rj.Buff about 2 months ago


Fantastic! Loved the sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi.

Rj.Buff about 2 months ago

Hangover Soup

One of the best soups I have ever had! There's so much good stuff in the soup, and the flavors all mix together to make this an absolutely fantastic dish. Also, their rolls are SO GOOD.

Rj.Buff about 2 months ago

Cabbage Rolls

This is my favorite dish at Bruno's. To be fair, I haven't had anything at Bruno's that I didn't like, but I dream about this dish on the regular. LOVE IT.

Amy about 2 months ago

#5 Home Style Meatloaf

I brought my husband, mother-in-law and two kids with me. We loved the restaurant, food and desserts. I watched Diners, Drive-ins and Dives which featured this restaurant and we had to try it. This was our first ever Triple D restaurant and we were not disappointed.

Baronmanfred about 2 months ago

#6 Beef Roulade

I have been coming to Bruno's for ever! The dishes are all GREAT! The Beefrouladen and the Schnitzels are outstanding! Oh, and the desserts 🍮! Try the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte! I also like the Beer and Wine selections. This is without doubt the BEST German-Polish restaurant around!!!

Schryverle 2 months ago


OMG, it was so good. This will be one of our favorite restaurants.

Wheezin49 2 months ago

#4 1/2 Bruno's Schnitzel

I was floored by the huge size of the crispy, well spiced portion of schnitzel. Add to that two sides AND soup with a roll,,, well,,, I ALWAYS have delicious leftovers for another meal for dinner. Having lived several years in Germany, I can say this food brings back wonderful memories for my family and me!

Scott 3 months ago

#4 1/2 Bruno's Schnitzel


Joanna 3 months ago

Polish Platter

Being polish myself, I can't get enough of Bruno's polish platter! Recently moved to WA and am so happy to have found my go to Polish/German restaurant. Definitely feels like home and the owners are very sweet and kind.

Bandit729 3 months ago

#4 1/2 Bruno's Schnitzel

Was wonderful and perfectly cooked.

Narcisotutor 4 months ago

#1 Cabbage Roll

Thursday 5/30 lunch. **Liver on special* I am new to the area and this is an amazing place to satisfy your german-polish craving. The place is really clean and the decoration is lovely. Kelly's service was amazing and really refreshing. Everithing from the beer to the meal to the house made dessert was just so enjoyable. Thank you for caring about your costumers the way you do.

Ericasterrett 4 months ago

#4 1/2 Bruno's Schnitzel

I love their food. The atmosphere is amazing and the people are great!!

Tricia about 1 month ago

#6 Beef Roulade

All I can say is DELICIOUS!! Tastes like mom's home cooking!

Blueleo546 about 1 month ago

Schnitzel Sandwich

Always amazing food! We've had several things at Bruno's and are never disappointed!!

Sbogusze about 1 month ago


I've had almost everything on the menu, and enjoy the specials that are not on the menu. I choose the Latkes because no one can make them like Bruno's. My fav was the latkes with goulash when they were doing brunch. Followed closely by the Bruno schnitzel.

Rj.Buff about 2 months ago

Chocolate Cake

Delicious chocolate cake! A great end to a fantastic meal.

Rj.Buff about 2 months ago

#1 Cabbage Roll

Their cabbage rolls at Bruno's are SO GOOD. I love the sauce.

Hbrown0807 about 2 months ago

Beef Rouladen

Bruno's is our favorite restaurant! It is literally the closest food we have ever found to eating at Oma's house or spending all day cooking it ourselves. The rouladen is amazing as is the spatzle! We always get dessert to go because it's good and we are too full to eat it.

Longreid6 about 2 months ago

Cabbage Rolls

so yummy

Tricia about 2 months ago

Smoked Pork Skinless Ham Shank

We stopped for dinner with 4 of us. We each had something different. Each plate of food we had was SO good!! We couldn't decide which was best. Had some great beers and enjoyed some delicious desserts also. The food makes you feel like you're eating your moms home cooking! The atmosphere and the employees made us feel like we were in Germany. We plan on going back very soon! Thank you Bruno's!!

Scott 2 months ago

Chicken Sandwich (Koko)

This is not your Wendy's sandwich, so much better!!!

Dannyndybdahl 3 months ago

Goulash Soup

The goulash was absolutely perfect. My Oma passed away 10 years ago and that soup put me right inside her livingroom next to her. Absolutely delicious and nostalgic, so many complex and deep flavors. I also tasted the meatloaf and pomme frites. FANTASTIC! Pomme frites were perfectly crispy with a soft inside (delicious when dipped in gravy) and the meatloaf was so flavorful and the perfect texture. Thanks so much for bringing memories of my Oma back to me! Can't wait to go back.

Erozkuszks 3 months ago

Polish Platter

Being born and raised in Poland and recently moving to WA state ,I was very excited that I found Bruno's . The food reminds me of my mother's and grandmothers traditional European cooking. Everything tastes amazing and is made from scratch and real ingredients . I have made it a point to taste every dish once when visiting Bruno's. With that said , it is very difficult for me to pick my favorite as every dish meets expectations and does not disappoint . If I were to pick my favorite I would pick the Polish platter. The dish gives u a taste of Poland :) .

Kagasaki6 3 months ago

Goulash Soup

I cried, it but brought back memories of my last day in Germany...sehr lecker!!

Schryverle 4 months ago

#2 Frikadelle

Cabbage soup was amazing. Everything was so so good, the cucumber salad was just the right choice about if dressing. The meat and gravy we're son ordered the schnitzel and cabbage roll. Our server Cindy was wonderful. Cindy was very friendly.My sons birthday is today and he got a free desert . Will be back that's for sure! My birthday is in June, hopefully I'll be there for my birthday.

Cooperdx 4 months ago

Cabbage Rolls

Oh so good!


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